BASK is proud to house Nest – a stunning underwater exhibition by renowned artist, Jason DeCaires Taylor. The installation is both an artistic and environmental project, serving to enrich the reef and BASK’s position as a world-class destination.


Nest, the submerged sculptural work by Jason DeCaires Taylor will be the first of its kind in Indonesia. Taylor is recognised globally for his eco-friendly underwater sculptures.  In addition to enhancing the diving and snorkelling experience, it will contribute to safeguarding Gili Meno's fragile ecosystem as it becomes home to corals, sponges and diverse fish species. As these organisms populate the reef, its overall biomass will increase, with Nest enhancing its resilience and becoming an integral nursery for native species. BASK is also initiating its own coral rejuvenation program on Gili Meno.


To ensure minimal water usage throughout the BASK Gili Meno resort only water conserving tapware will be installed. Grey water will be captured and treated to service surrounding grounds and gardens and will utilise a gravity fed system to keep energy consumption to the lowest achievable levels.


Experiencing the island’s wildlife is a central part of what makes BASK Gili Meno such a special destination – insects included. For maximum personal comfort and a pleasant environment, BASK has adopted Mistaway Technology as a low-impact insect deterrent in replacement of the commonly used chemical based pesticides. The system is a leading green solution that is subtle and unobtrusive – controlling insect numbers around the resort while maintaining neutrality in relation to the broader ecosystem. Designed and built in the USA, the system has proven itself at other elite sites, but is the first of its kind in Indonesia.

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