Need To Know What To Do On Gili Meno? Saddle Up & Explore

Need To Know What To Do On Gili Meno? Saddle Up & Explore

It’s not every day that you get to wake up on a paradise island, let alone with the opportunity to explore the island on horseback. There are many ways to experience island life, but what could be better than seeing the unspoiled beauty and serene calm of Gili Meno then onboard a mighty steed! Whether you are going for a romantic wander at sunset or galloping along the crystal clear waters at sunrise, this should be near the top of your Gili Meno bucket list.

This unparalleled experience allows you to go on a journey around or through the island, and see the true beauty of Gili Meno first-hand and with the ultimate travel companion. Whilst you’re making your way along the white sand beach, there’s time to take in the natural surroundings and really get to know the island.

Gili Meno is fortunate enough to have King Stable Horse Riding Tours and its owner, Zaen, on hand to offer BASK’s guests this experience.

King Stable Horse Riding Tours are perfect for both beginners and intermediate horse riders. Prior to your ride, Zaen will ask about your riding capabilities to ensure that he brings along the horse that is best suited to your riding ability.

Zaen, pictured above, has been running the business on Gili Meno for over 5 years. When asked about his favourite aspect of Gili Meno, his response immediately reflects the peace and tranquility of the island “I love that Gili Meno is quiet and not so crowded” says Zaen.

There is an endless list of experiences available on Gili Meno, many of which will be waiting for you on the doorstep of the BASK resort upon opening in 2020 – horse rides at sunrise, sunset, or daytime certainly should be on your list.


What to bring: Your camera – Zaen is great at stopping for regular photo opps.

What to wear: Closed toe shoes are recommended, for ease of getting on and off the horse.

Time: Approximately 1 hour (maybe more depending on the length of the photo stops)!

Pro-tip: Make sure to let Zaen know your level of riding experience in advance. If you want to ride the horse through water it is worth giving him the heads-up, so he can bring the most suitable horse for your experience.

To find out more about King Stable Horse Riding Tours click here.