A Salute To BASK’s Boat Crew

A Salute To BASK’s Boat Crew

In recent years, access to the Gili Islands has greatly improved and at BASK we are looking to improve this further through our fleet of boats. We employ an incredible team of locals, who will make trips to BASK Gili Meno seamless.

Our boat team not only offers prospective and existing owners with direct site visits, it can also add the odd unmissable experience along the way. If you fancy seeing BASK Nest before all of the other dive boats appear or finding the best place to view the world-famous turtles, just let them know.

Our team: Left to right; Paozi, Sanusi, Jamharil, Salehudin, Rifa’l

Beside transporting people, the BASK boats must also transport all of the construction materials and equipment to and from Gili Meno. We use a specially adapted “barge” to do this. This boat was instrumental in the installation of BASK Nest. The 48 life-size figures created by world-renowned underwater sculptor Jason DeCaires Taylor, were carefully positioned by a team of divers directly off the barge.

As the self-proclaimed ‘turtle capital of the world’, the Gili Islands are renowned for their rich marine life. When BASK is open to the public, our crew will provide guests with the opportunity to have one-on-one diving experiences across 20 world-class reefs, explore secret turtle locations, and see the Gilis from its incredible turquoise waters.