Diving Read More

More than 20 world-class dive sites are within easy reach of BASK Gili Meno.

The Meno Wall is within 800 metres of the BASK beachfront. Considered by locals to be the primo dive area, its 18 metre depths are renowned for its tropical marine life, especially its thriving populations of hawksbill sea turtles and green sea turtles.

Head southward along the BASK, Gili Meno coastline to discover the Bounty Wreck—a collapsed pier that’s been brilliantly ensconced by coral varietals.

To the north is Simon’s Reef. Reaching maximum depths of 40 metres, it is comprised of a series of seamounts that attract an abundance of coral varietals. Divers are encouraged to keep an eye out for a rare glimpse of the camouflaged pygmy seahorse in its native home.

For a completely unique diving experience, night diving is the thing. Taking to the waters with a UV torch to illuminate the ocean floor, night divers bear witness to the lives of many eye-catching inhabitants that remain hidden throughout the sunlight hours.

With these destinations and more all within reach, all the equipment you could need, learner dive pools and fully accredited teachers, BASK is a diver’s dream.

Snorkelling Read More

Perfect conditions all year round make the Gili Islands a bona fide snorkelling destination. Crystal clear waters are perennially warm (26 to 30 degrees) and boast visibility extending up to 25 metres.

Live reefs abound with turtles, colourful coral, sea life and fish varietals. A bounty of snorkelling sites—including BASK’s own private underwater sculpture park—are easily accessible from the resort.

Masks, snorkels and fins are available at BASK, and our helpful staff are happy to recommend the best sites at any time of year and for any given level of experience, from beginner to advanced.

Surfing Read More

The Gili Islands and their neighbours are home to some uncrowded and truly world-class breaks.

Secrets is Gili Meno’s own hidden gem. Breaking over a shallow reef around 100 metres off the coast, Secrets’ long and fast tube rides are proudly shared by local enthusiasts.

The south-west corner of neighbouring island Gili Trawangan boasts another hot spot. A fast right reef break, it breaks all year round. During the dry season, it has a consistent swell encouraged by the onshore winds. The nearby island Lombok also features a number of breaks, including Alang Alang Point, Senggigi Reef, Belongas, Selong Belanak and Mawun Beach.

BASK’s onsite booking facility can arrange transfers and recommend breaks to suit the time of year.

First-timers can take advantage of one-on-one and group surf schools at Senggigi Beach, Lombok, a short trip of BASK Gili Meno.

Kayaking and Canoing Read More

Sea kayakers can glide across Gili Meno’s crystal clear waters to hop from one untouched beach to the next. Whether experienced or apprentice, weaving around coastlines and even wending your way to neighbouring islands is an amazing way to experience the local ocean.

BASK and the locals can take you on a guided tour that includes stopovers for lunch, sunbathing and snorkelling. All the way, the transparent waters make a breathless spectacle of the marine life.

For a slower paced alternative, BASK guests can step into a canoe on the banks of our picturesque natural lake, Gili Salut, and explore the mangroves.

Paddle Boarding Read More

Stand-up paddle boarding is a great way to explore the surrounding waters whilst working out legs, arms and core at your own pace.

BASK’s custom-made paddle boards feature glass bottoms, revealing colourful coral, tropical fish, turtles and the resort’s exclusive underwater sculpture park, Nest.

Perfect for flat water conditions, paddle boarding is a fun, safe and accessible activity for guests of all ages. Known for improving balance, core stability and stamina, it’s a personally productive way to enjoy the beautiful surroundings and warm weather of the Gili Islands.

Charter Fishing Read More

any professional, accredited fishing charters operate in and around the Gilis, providing options to accommodate fishers of all kinds, from beginners to salty veterans.

A range of crafts are available, from luxury fast boats to traditional fishing vessels.

Golf Read More

Lombok—the large and bustling island that neighbours the Gilis—features two world-class golf courses, both easily accessible from Gili Meno.

Lombok Golf Kosaido Country Club is home to an 18-hole course designed by Peter Thompson, Michael Wolveridge and Ross Perrett. Built in harmony with the natural contours of the land, the course boasts views of Mount Rinjani and the Gili Islands. Situated on the north west coast of Lombok in Sire Bay, Kosaido is a short drive from Bangsal Harbour, the main boat port of call to the Gilis.

The 18-hole course at Rinjani Country Club was designed by golf legend Jack Nicklaus. Located in the foothills of Golong-Sedau Narmada, about 30 minutes’ drive from Mataram, it sits 500 metres above sea level and has been laid out specifically to encourage players of all levels. Rinjani also features a clubhouse with restaurant, swimming pool, tennis court, pro shop and café.

Private transfers to both will be easily arranged through BASK’s onsite booking

Hiking Read More

A host of trails and guided walks are within easy access of BASK, letting you explore on foot at a leisurely pace or with driven dedication.

On Lombok, the challenging four-day trek of Mount Rinjani—Indonesia’s second highest peak and volcano—is widely considered one of the best in Southeast Asia. The hike weaves around the crater rim and lake before moving onwards to Sembalun Lawang.

For something a little less strenuous, half-day treks explore the foothills of the volcano, following old pathways leading through bamboo groves, waterfalls and colourful traditional villages.

Back on the Gilis, hikes become leisurely walks and offer striking views of neighbouring islands and the Lombok mainland. One of the most popular tracks is a low-impact hike through the South of Gili Trawangan, culminating at a scenic lookout point with elevated views across the islands as well as overlooking the hidden, historic remains of a Japanese World War II gun bunker.


Spa and wellness Read More

BASK’s Spa and Wellness facility offers a wide range of treatments to relieve stress and encourage relaxation.

The world-class facility boasts five massage and treatment rooms with an additional room for pedicure and reflexology services, all staffed by trained professionals.

The lakeside location has uninterrupted views across the water and mangroves, promoting a sense of tranquillity from the moment of arrival. An interior palette of muted tones combines with complementary textures for an organic appeal. The design and materials capitalise on the natural surroundings for a natural flow of both air and sunlight. Textured screens disseminate the natural light throughout, while the stone combination foundations act as an eco-friendly aid to cool the facility.

Beach Club Read More

Looking out across 295 metres of white sand and crystal clear waters, the Beach Club is at the core of BASK’s vibrant culture.

Featuring world-class design and architecture, it will host international music and entertainment, and serve five star food and drink all day every day. It’s the immaculate vision and first-class operation of the Beach Club that positions BASK as one of the region’s leading modern resorts and a genuine cultural hub.

The Poolside Terrace and Beach Bar are the central hub for BASK’s line-up of live entertainment. This central area is surrounded by a selection of contemporary daybeds, sun-drenched loungers and recessed conversational arrangements.

The Indoor Lounge and Cocktail Bar offer a more intimate and relaxed haven for sun-conscious patrons. With fine wine and whiskey as well as BASK’s signature cocktails, it’s perfect for breezy afternoons that transform into indulgent evenings.

Inspired by seasonal local produce, the Beach Club offers a wide selection of dining. Menus are tailored to suit the ambience of each area of the resort, ranging from tapas-style appetizers through to American and Eurasian influenced mains.

For lunch, Cabana style dining is provided throughout the Poolside Terrace and the Private Beach. Serviced by the main kitchen, these make for ideal chill spots, where patrons can soak up the sun and surroundings while enjoying top-quality global cuisine.

Restaurant Read More

The internationally renowned global cuisine at the BASK Gili Meno Resort Restaurant is characterized by casual luxury.

BASK’s internationally renowned consulting chef adds an extra layer of class to the secluded tropical haven with a seasonal menu that makes local produce the hero. With seafood from local fisheries and vegetables and herbs grown onsite at BASK, each meal is as light and refreshing as it is satisfying.

Patrons can indulge in a variety of Asian and western dishes, selectively infused with exotic Indonesian flavors using modern techniques.

Casual luxury flows throughout the restaurant’s service and interior styling. The open plan expanse of the main room seats up to 112, with dining privacy and separation provided by indoor plant installations, feature walls, and over 100 aged Champagne, wine, and whiskey bottles.

A private dining area is available to groups seeking world-class food and beverages in the privacy of their very own, five star tropical dining room.

Beach Bar Read More

The Beach Bar is the hub for BASK’s vivacious Beach Club entertainment. Seating up to 93, the sand-in-your-toes beachfront venue offers a front row seat for Gili Meno’s famed sunsets.

Mark Ward (Hugos, Regal Rogue) has invented an haute mixology cocktail list that showcases fresh tropical island ingredients, creating unique memorable experiences in liquid form. Mark’s world class beverages can be savoured as a single serve, or presented as a social indulgence for two or more guests to share.

A bar menu will be offered as an accompaniment to afternoon drinks, focusing on raw and chilled appetizers and fresh local seafood, seasonal vegetables with a hint of local and exotic spices.

Adding to the local flair, the bar area is also serviced by pop-ups that serve traditional satay and stir fry dishes flaunting the traditional Indonesian cuisine.

(A Genuine) Reception Read More

When you arrive at BASK Gili Meno, you’ll be greeted with a drink, to be enjoyed in the comfort of the lounge or the cocktail bar (your choice). Wherever you are in the club, you can register via a mobile device. Your bags can be taken to your accommodations for you, leaving you free to enjoy. Instantly.

BASK’s non-traditional reception area complements the island’s atmosphere of barefoot informality, putting it at the forefront of international trends and technology while simultaneously lowering its environmental footprint.

(Not Your Regular) Business Centre Read More

This is not your regular business centre. It’s a communal productive space distinguished by premium styling and drink-in-your-hand hospitality. With all the modern conveniences you’d expect, the Business Centre has its own all-day dining menu created by chef Dan Moran.

Panoramic views of the resort make it a pleasure to get creative, with windows and open walls extending from the west-facing infinity pool and ocean through to the lake and mangroves at the rear.

It’s not your regular business centre: it’s a technologically-advanced productivity hub in an island paradise with full-service hospitality.

Day Trips, Transfers & Booking Services Read More

BASK’s onsite booking service provides ultimate convenience to guests. Partnered with leading transport, transfer and recreation service providers throughout the Gili Islands, Lombok and Bali, you can organise it all from your home base.

Transfers and travel options include airport transfers, luxury catamaran, fast boat and helicopter charters.

BASK’s attentive staff have an extensive knowledge of the surrounding islands, seasonal specialties and hidden local gems. They’re happy to recommend activities and excursions to suit your tastes, whether it be a glass bottom boat to appreciate the reefs or a local guide to lead the hike up and around Mount Rinjani in Lombok’s national park.

  • 24-hour room service
  • All day dining and drinks service
  • Daily housekeeping
  • Babysitting and nanny service
  • CCTV and onsite security personnel
  • General Store
  • Mini Bar
  • High Speed Wi-Fi
  • iPad with customised playlists (available on request)
  • 48” TV with connectivity for the latest technology and devices

Exclusive to Two Bedroom and Three Bedroom villas

  • Personalised maid and butler service
  • In-residence dining service


Greg Meyer


Greg Meyer leads the The Meyer Group and its property development interests in Australia and Indonesia.

Read More

Greg’s successful business track record is long and diverse, including founding The Rental Management Finance Group in 1985, which became one of Australia’s largest financiers of specialist technology and telecommunications ventures, having in excess of 25,000 operating lease clients. In 2004 Greg founded EPAC Salary Solutions, a vehicle leasing and salary packaging company which very quickly progressed to become Australia’s 3rd largest salary packaging company.
An independent board and corporate governance has always been an integral part of Greg’s approach to business.

Bruce Carter


Bruce has spent more than 30 years in corporate financial management and recovery.

Read More

Bruce is the Deputy Chairman of SKYCITY Entertainment Group—one of Australia and New Zealand’s leading publicly listed entertainment, resort, hotel and gaming businesses. Formerly Chair of the South Australian Economic Development Board and a partner at Ernst & Young, he co-founded the Ferrier Hodgson Adelaide practice. He is a Director of Bank of Queensland and Chairman of Submarine Corporation (ASC). Bruce has consulted to most of the major financial institutions within Australia and been involved in a number of government-appointed restructurings and reviews.
He also holds an MBA, a Bachelor of Economics and fellowships with both the Institute of Chartered Accountants and the Institute of Company Directors.

Kevin Foley


From 2002 to 2011, the Hon. Kevin Foley served as the Treasurer and Deputy Premier of South Australia.

Read More

After serving 18 years in State Parliament, Kevin retired from South Australian politics in 2011 with the honour of being the longest-serving Deputy Premier in the state’s history. Currently Kevin is director of the Motor Accident Commission (South Australia) and Chairman of the Superannuation Funds Management Corporation of South Australia, AUD$30bn fund. Kevin brings vast experience and financial expertise to the BASK Gili Meno leadership team.

Wayan Sunarta


Starting his career working in the resort and hotel business in Bali, Wayan held several senior management positions over a period of some 15 years in hotels such as the Hard Rock Hotel and Kartika Plaza.

Read More

Since then Wayan has built a number of successful businesses within Indonesia, including fumigation and freight operations located in Bali and Surabaya. His company, ETO international, has the exclusive rights within Indonesia for fumigation of all exports of products requiring such treatment.

Wayan is a substantial landowner within Bali and Indonesia. He has a high level of business expertise within Indonesia and is well regarded within the local business community.



Gary Fell – Lead Architect

Gary Fell is the multi-award-winning architect responsible for BASK’s unique combination of contemporary comfort, timeless practicality and tropical sanctuary.

Read More

Fell first rose to prominence when he was shortlisted for the Cardiff Opera House competition whilst still a student at the prestigious Bartlett School of Architecture in London.

This led to work with the Four Seasons Sayan project in Ubud, Bali and onto a number of residential projects in Australia.

Fell founded the Bali-based firm Gfab in 1999, specialising in residential and resort projects for which they have won a swag of awards.

In 2011, Bloomberg Google named Fell the top architect in the world for a multiple residence development.

In 2015, Gfab operations extend through the Asia Pacific region and beyond, with active projects in Indonesia, Thailand, India, Turkey, Vietnam, Cambodia, Dubai, Hungary and Australia.

Istana Naithon (Phuket, Thailand)

Bloomberg International Property Awards

  • Best International Architecture, Multiple Residence (2011)
  • Best Development, Multiple Units, Asia Pacific (2011)

Samujana (Samui, Thailand)

SE Asia Property Awards

  • Best Villa Development in Southeast Asia (2013)
  • Best Residential Architecture Design in Southeast Asia (2013)

Thailand Property Awards

  • Best Residential Architecture Design (2013)
  • Best Residential Development (2013)

Aqua Samui (Samui, Thailand)

International Property Awards

  • Best Architecture, Multiple Residence, Thailand (2014)

Property Report

  • Asia’s Best Resort Residences (2013 & 2014)

Thailand Property Awards

  • Best Residential Development (2014)

Mia Villas (Camh Ranh, Vietnam)

SE Asia Property Awards

  • Best Development, Residence, Vietnam (2014)
  • Best Interior, Residence, Vietnam (2014)
John Pettigrew – Landscape Architect

John Pettigrew’s acclaimed portfolio spans five star hotels, private residences, educational institutions and recreational parks.

Read More

Operating out of Bali since 1991, Pettigrew’s regional perspective is unmatched. His freeform landscaping style embraces and enhances the natural beauty of the tropical environments in which he works.

His engagements include award-winning five star accommodations:

  • Amanusa (Bali)
  • The Ananta Udaipur (India)
  • BVLGARI Resort (Bali)
  • COMO Shambhala (Bali)
  • Four Seasons Jimbaran Bay Resort (Bali)
  • Four Seasons Hotel (Jakarta)
  • Four Seasons Hotel (Singapore)
  • Four Seasons Resort (Maldives)
  • Hilton Hotel & Resort (Phuket, Thailand)
  • John Hardy Estate (Bali),
  • Napa Valley Estate (California)
  • The Oberoi Lombok (Lombok)
  • The Oberoi Bali (Bali)
  • The Ritz Carlton Reserve, Kedewatan (Bali)
  • Six Senses Resort (Phuket, Thailand)

Add to this his amazing work with Ubud Hanging Gardens, Bali Bird Park and Rimba Reptile Park and Pettigrew’s contribution to the region is truly worthy of his acclaimed status.

A recent highlight of recognition from the South East Asia Property Awards, Pettigrew’s landscape design for RedDoor Bali won a High Commendation for Best Landscape Architectural Design.

Bill Barnett, C9 Hotelworks – Project Consultant

With 29 years of experience, Bill Barnett has earned his reputation as the number one consultant for luxury hospitality, resorts and property developments in Asia.

Read More
Under his direction, the Thailand-based firm C9 Hotelworks has become a regional leader in tourism and property consultancy.

Bill and C9 Hotelworks have been actively involved in a number of high profile developments in Bali, Lombok and beyond. Noted for their market intelligence covering hotels and real estate, one of the group’s lead disciplines is hospitality-led residences and hotel branded condominiums and villas.

Bringing his expertise and the strength of his internationally successful firm to BASK Gili Meno, Bill’s insights and actions have enhanced the desirability of the resort and its villas, positioning them for financial strength and long-term appeal.

MJB Hoteliers – Property Management

Ongoing operations at BASK Gili Meno will be managed by MJB Hoteliers, led by Michael Burchett.

Read More

Michael’s 17-year career has many highlights. He has held executive positions with the Regent and Four Seasons Hotels in Fiji, Australia, New Zealand, China, USA and Indonesia. In 2003 Michael opened the Conrad Bali, where he stayed for 9 years, before branching out to launch MJB Hoteliers with Troy Sinclair.

Michael is a permanent resident in Bali and an active participant in the local community. During his three terms as Chairman of the Bali Hotels Association (2004-2008), Michael was instrumental in reinvigorating the region’s tourism. He’s also been Vice Chairman of the Indonesian Hotel & Restaurant Association, is a past President of Rotary Nusa Dua (2008-2009) and has been Bailli de Bali Chaine des Rotisseurs since 2009.

Jones Lang LaSalle – Project consultants

Jones Lang LaSalle is the world’s leader in Property and Asset Management, with more than 195 million square metres managed globally.

Read More

Operating in 750 cities worldwide, Jones Lang LaSalle established their Indonesian office in 1980, making them the first international property consultancy in the country. That office has grown into the largest real estate services business in Indonesia, with over 300 staff across three offices and earned the Best Property Consultancy, Indonesia award at the 2012 and 2013 International Property Awards.



News & awards

Multi Award-Winning Wonder

London: The International Property Awards—in association with Rolls Royce Motor Cars—have recognised BASK Gili Meno as the best new hotel in the Asia Pacific Region.

BASK has also been decorated with a 5 star rating—the highest possible level—by the Asia Pacific Property Awards. It is the only new property in Indonesia to receive such acclaim.

Our island wonder continues to shine: growing from strength to award-winning strength, BASK has 11 wins so far and even more nominations on the azure horizon.

Read full article...

The Hoff @ BASK Gili Meno

A handful of PT BASK Gili Meno’s luxury villas have already attracted high-profile interest.

International celebrity David Hasselhoff is keeping a keen eye on BASK’s development.

The former Baywatch star is obviously no stranger to great beaches so you know he means business when he starts talking up the [...]

Read full article...
BASK Construction to Begin

Situated on the west part of Gili Meno, the site lies between a large inland saltwater lake and 295 metres of pristine white sand beachfront.

The first work to be carried out at the site is the construction of stone retaining walls surrounding the lake; a key feature of the resort. The walls will support the [...]

Read full article...
Nest by Jason DeCaires Taylor

Internationally acclaimed eco-sculptor, Jason deCaires Taylor has been commissioned to design an underwater sculpture park just metres from BASK Gili Meno’s exclusive resort beach. The artist has named the feature Nest.

The tropical weather conditions and year round, warm waters of Gili Meno mean diving [...]

Read full article...



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